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Riding on the wake of positive reviews and ratings, the HGH-enhancing product known as Avatropin seems like a sure-fire bet in terms of its effectiveness and safety.

And while we wholeheartedly believe that Avatropin is a product that you can trust, we still want to make sure for ourselves that its everything its played up to be.

Along those lines, this review will take a look at the claims that Avatropin makes and check out the ingredients that it contains, to ensure that the hype surrounding it isn’t a ton of fluff.

Its Abilities

For all intents and purposes, Avatropin is considered an HGH releaser. Containing no amounts of synthetic HGH, Avatropin is designed to assist our bodies in naturally producing higher levels of HGH.

First of all, this tidbit tells us one thing – Avatropin should be safe to use. Without the presence of artificial HGH in its contents, users shouldn’t experience adverse side effects associated with its use.

Secondly, we basically know that Avatropin functions by stimulating that pea-sized gland in our bodies called the pituitary gland.

That’s because the pituitary gland is THE HGH production center of our body. It’s here that HGH is synthesized and secreted throughout our system.
That being said, HGH releasers are normally designed to give our pituitary glands a jumpstart and lift when they “get lazy.”

And by assisting the pituitary gland in its task of producing high levels of HGH, here are the benefits that Avatropin claims to provide, including:

Its ability to speed up your metabolism and fat burning potential.
Its ability to sharpen your mental focus and acuity.
Its ability to increase your stamina, endurance, and energy levels.
Its ability to promote stronger and healthier hair, skin, and even nails.
Its ability to increase the amount of lean muscle that you gain.
And more…

In other words, the various benefits that Avatropin provides can be associated with users of all ages and physical abilities.

Whether you’re a professional athlete that needs a boost on the field, or just a grandparent that wants to have the health and energy to play with your grandkids, Avatropin promises to give you the tools you need to do so.

Now then, how effective is Avatropin at providing the aforementioned benefits? Does it truly follow through on all the promises, or is it lacking in certain areas?

To find the answers to these questions, we’re going to delve into its blend of ingredients to get a better picture of what Avatropin has to offer.

The Ingredients

Avatropin’s blend consists of a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and HGH-promoting ingredients. As for these HGH-promoting ingredients, they are found in a proprietary blend that consists of a dosage level of 3,162mg.

For the sake of time and space, we’re only going to concentrate on a few of the key ingredients found inside this proprietary blend, including:

L-Lysine – Bodybuilders and athletes should be familiar with this amino acid. That’s because L-Lysine is known for its ability to increase protein production in the body. And the more protein our body synthesizes, the more “juice” our muscles receive.

On top of its ability to promote lean muscle gain, L-Lysine can also provide extra energy for our bodies by converting fatty acids into energy that we can readily use.

L-Arginine – Quite simply, L-Arginie is found in many HGH releasers because of its ability to boost HGH levels. On top of its primary function, this amino acid can also assist in the processes of protein synthesis and cell replication.

AstraGin – Neither the most potent nor the most popular ingredient found in Avatropin, nevertheless, AstraGin is just as key to Avatropin’s effectiveness as any other ingredient found in its blend.

Acting as the “absorber,” AstraGin’s task is to enhance the rate of nutrient absorption found in our bodies. Basically, AstraGin increases the effectiveness of all the vitamins, minerals, and HGH-enhancing ingredients found in Avatropin by speeding up their absorption rates.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract – Last but not least, Avatropin also contains this ingredient which comes right off the antlers of a deer. That’s right, deer antler extract holds the key purpose of providing a user with extra amounts of IGF-1, or Insulin-like Growth Factor-1.

IGF-1, similar to HGH and produced from the synthesis of HGH and insulin, is another hormone produced in our bodies that contains anti-aging and performance-enhancing properties.

And thus, deer antler extract has the same power to provide all the same health benefits that pertain to Avatropin.

What To Conclude From These Ingredients

As you can tell, Avatropin’s blend obviously contains some proven and capable ingredients. Our only worry is this – proprietary blends do not list the actual dosage amounts for each, individual ingredient found inside of it.

For example, there are over 20 ingredients found in Avatropin’s proprietary blend that contain a dosage level of over 3,000 mg per serving. But are these 3,000 mg split up evenly across the board?

We have no idea. Without knowing the true potency of each ingredient found in this proprietary blend, we can’t determine their true effectiveness either.

Final Thought

Continuing our previous thought, we are only warning users about the downsides of proprietary blends to ensure that you’ve “covered all the bases” before buying Avatropin.

After all, we assume that most of you will decide to take a chance on Avatropin. It’s THE top-rated HGH releaser, and has plenty of backing and credibility to its name.

But still, and Avatropin is a great example of this point, don’t be too overconfident when it comes to supplements.

In this case, yes, the risk involved may be minimal, but it should still be weighed in your decision process if you want to do the best thing for your health and your body. For the lowest price we’ve found online, click here!

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October 13, 2015