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The HGH supplement we've been the most impressed with is HGF-1. This newly-released product is an all-natural HGH releaser that contains 10 different ingredients that work WITH your body to stimulate the production of HGH. HGF-1 is 100% safe, 100% legal, 100% effective, and will greatly enhance your physical performance and turn back the clock on aging.

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BioRenew Real HGH Plus IGF-1


BioRenew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 is the real HGH supplement that actually claims to increase energy, reduce fat and cellulite, boost exercise and build muscle, help increase sexual performance, improve skin, hair, and nails, improve brain and memory, improve sleep, promote cell protection, and show various other benefits all with the power of a small spray bottle that apparently has real HGH. They use a homeopathic method to give you real triple potency HGH, and this will finally help you to even regenerate vital organs, improve cholesterol, high blood pressure, and reduce the risk factors for heart disease among other things.


BioRenew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 has homeopathic methods, meaning that they dilute the ingredient in water so many times that basically all you are actually getting is water. Homeopathy has been called a scam multiple times for a reason. With this being said, the simple fact is that it is illegal to use real HGH as they say, because it can cause serious problems. However, seeing as this is basically just water, we don’t see a considerable risk.

Side Effects

There are no commonly known side effects with BioRenew Real HGH Plus IGF-1.


We would not recommend using BioRenew Real HGH Plus IGF-1. They talk about using illegal methods and ingredients, and they use homeopathy, which really is a scam. With things like this, you actually do need very specific amounts of any given ingredient to actually achieve results. So realistically speaking, BioRenew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 will not help you to achieve any benefits, and you would be far better off using something else.

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October 13, 2015