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Side Effects of HGH Injections

hgh injections side effectsHGH has been used since the 1970’s to help athletes everywhere achieve a higher level of performance as well as recover faster from any wear and tear on their bodies.

As soon as the human growth hormone was identified and located as an agent that could enhance bodily processes on a cellular level, professional athletes wanted to take advantage to it at whatever cost.

Because there was no synthetic form of HGH 40 years ago, athletes were forced to buy HGH that had been extracted from cadavers. They then injected this hormone into their bodies to enjoy boosted performance.

HGH Was Then Banned and Made Illegal

Although it was immediately clear which athletes were taking advantage of human growth hormone, there wasn’t a test to show which athletes were supplementing their own stores of human growth hormone.

Despite this, athletes were experiencing negative side effects as well as the performance boosting powers of extra human growth hormone.

The FDA started to find that injections of HGH, when used without the approval of a doctor, could have several undesirable side effects. Some athletes started to notice joint swelling, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and an increased risk of diabetes.

There were even some cases that the athletes saw an increased immune response against human growth hormone, while others experienced an increased risk for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Safe Uses of HGH

Rather than taking the risk of HGH injections, people have turned to HGH supplements.

These supplements provide your body with the chemicals and building blocks that you need to produce more of your own HGH. Because of this, the supplements have not been shown to have the same side effects that the injections do.

secratatropin hghSince supplements do not force your body to produce more HGH than your body can use, they have been found to be the safest way to enjoy the benefits of the growth hormone.

As we age, our body naturally starts to produce less and less of HGH, causing a void in your body that can very healthily be filled with more human growth hormone.

Supplements like Secratatropin HGH, that have L-Arginine and Alpha GPC, have been shown to be the most effective way to increase your performance, endurance and recovery, while decreasing the signs of aging and even the risk of some diseases.

So instead of resorting to dangerous injections to enjoy the benefits of HGH, try a supplement like Secratatropin HGH to fulfill all your human growth hormone needs.

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October 07, 2015