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The HGH supplement we've been the most impressed with is HGF-1. This newly-released product is an all-natural HGH releaser that contains 10 different ingredients that work WITH your body to stimulate the production of HGH. HGF-1 is 100% safe, 100% legal, 100% effective, and will greatly enhance your physical performance and turn back the clock on aging.

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Muscles tend to recover more quickly and return stronger and healthier when levels of IGF-1 are at their highest. IGF-1 Plus supplement contains a potent amount of IGF-1 within its key ingredient, Cervidae Parvum Comu (deer antler velvet).

The amazing age reversal benefits of IGF-1 are well known in the sports and fitness world. But, are sports performers the only ones who can get results from IGF-1 Plus? No! Anyone who wants to look and feel younger may benefit from taking IGF-1 Plus.

IGF-1 Plus is a supplement spray developed by the company, Life-flo. Life-flo was founded in 1995, and provides natural products with a wide range of health benefits for men, women, and children. The Life-flo website does provide some information about IGF-1 Plus.

How Does IGF-1 Plus Work?

Cervidae Parvum Comu (deer antler velvet) 48 mg: the main ingredient that provides large amounts of IGF-1. IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) is made in the liver in response to human growth hormone release.
Just some of the benefits of IGF-1 are:
• Boost in strength
• Endurance
• Weight loss
• Slow signs of aging
• Increase in muscle mass
• Enhance immune function
• Reduce stress
• Accelerate illness recovery
• Improves memory

IGF-1 Plus Positive

• Contains natural ingredients
• No side effects
• No prescription needed

IGF-1 Plus Negative

• You have to inquire through customer service about guarantee policy
• Expensive compared to other supplements on the market
• Some ingredients have undisclosed amounts

Does IGF-1 Plus Have Side Effects?

There have been no side effects reported. It is advised that only adults over the age of 35 use this product and if you are currently taking medication or if you are pregnant you should talk to your physician before taking IGF-1 Plus.

How Long Does IGF-1Plus Take to Work?

IGF-1 Plus is an aqueous solution that is sprayed into the mouth and absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This method is a fast way of getting the contents into your system.

There isn’t any information on the Life-flo website stating a certain time period which you should start to see results. Usually the first signs that it is working shows up in energy and better sleep. (Usually!)

IGF-1 Plus Price and Return Policy

To purchase IGF-1 Plus you can buy it directly off the official Life-flo website for $39.99 plus S & H fees. Or, it can be found as low as $20.00 if you do a little bargain shopping.

The guarantee is somewhat of a mystery. Life-flo website states that they provide a guarantee, but you have to inquire through customer service about the details. This seems like a hassle for a potential customer; why not include the information on the same page it’s mentioned on?

Final Thoughts on IGF-1 Plus

IGF-1 Plus doesn’t show very much promise for providing the benefits that are claimed on the Life-flo website. Life-flo fails to provide pertinent information about their product to back their claims.

They do talk about scientific testing that is done on all their products, but they don’t provide any data. Also, a guarantee is mentioned, but to find out the details about the guarantee you must call the company to get this information.

With the huge amount of HGH supplements on the market, we suggest that you find an alternative to IGF-1 Plus that does provide all the necessary information showing it is an effective product.

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October 10, 2015