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The HGH supplement we've been the most impressed with is HGF-1. This newly-released product is an all-natural HGH releaser that contains 10 different ingredients that work WITH your body to stimulate the production of HGH. HGF-1 is 100% safe, 100% legal, 100% effective, and will greatly enhance your physical performance and turn back the clock on aging.

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Max HGH is a form of growth hormone that will help you to see results that will start to become evident immediately. We often start to see the problems associated with declining HGH levels in our 30’s, and sometimes we even see it earlier than that. At age 60, you may only produce 25% of what you did at say age 20. But Max HGH can help your body to catch up again and finally see all of the greater results that it is looking for. The question is, will you use Max HGH to your greater benefit?


They don’t use HGH, which is good considering it’s illegal and quite dangerous. But this being said, they do use some good ingredient such as colostrums for example, which has been proven to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH naturally. It also has other ingredients that can copy the effects of HGH in the meantime to some degree. However, they combine all of these ingredients into a small proprietary blend, ultimately leading to the fact that you will not be able to see any benefits using it.

Side Effects

There are no commonly known side effects with Max HGH.


We would not recommend wasting your time or money on Max HGH. It will not come through, and it will not help you to achieve any other greater benefits. Max HGH is just a product that has a formula far too weak to produce any greater effects, and obviously there is plenty of competition out there. So there are plenty of products out there that can actually work.

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October 10, 2015