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Tropinex AQ Review

Tropinex AQAlthough your age makes you look old, you aren’t ready to be old. Luckily for you, science has made naturally-attained youth and vitality possible. Tropinex AQ is a product that has emerged because of recent discoveries in science. It just might be what you need to delay the effects of old age, and help you feel younger and healthier.

What’s It Supposed to Do?

Tropinex AQ is supposed to increase levels of growth factor release (GFr) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). As a result, you should have increased muscle strength and energy; easier weight loss; fewer wrinkles and fine lines; and better health and well-being.

All these results are conditional on the use of effective ingredients. Avatropin uses proven ingredients, which is why it has a reputation for producing results. Is the same true about Tropinex AQ?

What Makes It Work?

Tropinex AQ has two matrices: Body and Mind and Pituitary Growth Matrix. The first matrix is supposed to provide overall benefits for your body and mind. The second matrix is responsible for triggering the release of more GFr and IGF-1.

All we know about the ingredients in the Body and Mind Matrix is that they come in a total of 855 mg. The manufacturer does not specify what ingredients are in this matrix or what their individual amounts are.

With the Pituitary Growth Matrix, we know what ingredients it has; but we don’t know what their individual or total amounts are. Knowing the ingredients in this matrix doesn’t help us very much since we could not find any helpful information about the ingredients. They are alseodaphne andersonii, alstonia macrophylaa, and sambucus australis. Research has been performed on these substances, but it does not relate to GFr or IGF-1.

Our Thoughts

We think it is highly unlikely that Tropinex AQ will increase levels of GFr and IGF-1. It does not have the right ingredients; does not tell us what ingredients are in it; or does not disclose ingredient amounts. Consequently, it is unlikely that the product will produce any of the promised benefits.

We do have a complete list of ingredients in Tropinex AQ. From this we can see that the product has several artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and fillers.

Besides not knowing if the ingredients are effective, we have no idea if they are safe.


Tropinex AQ comes in a bottle that holds 30 servings. The price for each bottle ranges from $77.42-$89.99. The product does not have an official website. You will have to buy if from third-party retailers. Most of them will probably not offer a money back guarantee; since Tropinex AQ is not their product.


Tropinex AQ may have potential; but poorly presented information on the manufacturer’s part completely masks or discredits this potential. You are more likely to get results, like hundreds of consumers have, by using Avatropin.

Avatropin contains some of the best HGH stimulating ingredients; making it highly safe and effective. It costs less than Tropinex AQ too if you buy it from the official website. You can find a 100% money back guarantee on this site too.

We highly recommend that you try Avatropin to boost HGH levels instead of Tropinex AQ.

Tropinex AQ Customer Reviews

  1. this stuff works!!!!!!!!

    I’m on day 35 of this product. At 53 years old and putting 5 hours a day at the gym with an addtionial 20 miles running. I could not get rid of my love handles, cruches til i cramped, sit ups til i couldn’t get out of bed, nothing worked. At day 30 using this product I ran a 20:54 min. 5k (taking 7 minutes off my best time). My skin is amazing. My hairs is thicker, My eye lashes have even grown. I look and feel 15 years younger. I have not changed anything in my workout method but have lost 16lbs in the 30 day period and have a great tone to my core. This product is not a majic bullet but using it with your existing workout will get you results. I am proof.

    By Robert D. Smith
    Posted on April 24, 2012 at 12:51 pm
    • correction

      That was 5 hours a week with 20 miles a week running. sorry

      By Robert D. Smith
      Posted on April 24, 2012 at 12:53 pm
      • mr.

        This is a reply to Robert, I was about to say with 5 hours a day at the gym and 20miles the same day and you still have love handles something is really wrong! keep up the good work

        By sam
        Posted on July 9, 2012 at 9:17 pm

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